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We specialize in customized programming of microcontrollers, circuit design, circuit board design, and manufacturing...

Examples of Previous Designs

Inertial Measurement Unit (with accelerometer, gyroscope, and altimeter)
Inertial measurement unit


Clock / Counter based on GPS signal for high accuracy
GPS Clock

Blank Circuit Boards Awaiting Assembly

Light Saber Sound Controller
Sound board for lightsaber

Pick and Place Machine
In house pick and place machine

4 pair CAT3 cable tester
Prototyping Phase of a 4 pair CAT3 tester

Trailer security system with smart interface including :keypad, accelerometer based shock sensors, sirens, and electric locks. (NOT PICTURED)

Infrared device controller
Decoding an IR signal

- AC timers (NOT PICTURED)

-Digital clocks, NIXIE Clocks, Propeller Clocks...
Propeller Clock1

Propeller Clock Displaying 12:00:40 using Persistance of VisionGiant Propeller Clock usign a 1/10 HP motor

-LED sign board controller
Random number generator (using Rule 30)
Random Number Generator

-LED pattern generators

AI programs
Artificial Intelligence using Rule30

Aritificial Intelligence Solving Tetris

More Pictures...

Design and Assembly of a Circuit Board:
Assembly of a Circuit Board

Sound Tracer and Converter:
Wave Compression
Sound Wave Graphed

Smart Radio Controlled Ambient Light Controller
Assembly of Circuit Board 2
Smart Programmable Remote Controlled Light Controller!

Prototype Parallel Port (DB-25) Interfaced EEPROM Programmer:
EEPROM Parallel Interfaced Programmer (Prototype)

Whether you need a single device or many, we can help you.

If you need a micrcontroller programmed, a circuit board assembled or designed, something reversed engineered, or a full solution - design, prototyping, and production, e-mail us. We work with both individuals and businesses. Do you have any questions regarding the process? Do you need any help with your project? Let us know. Our support team is ready to serve you.

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